Proud to say we've been a part of Flair from the very start, a one-of-a-kind studio filled with instructors that teach from the heart.  Whether your son or daughter is interested in ballet, tap, hip-hop, or a competitive dance team, Flair has it all and will fulfill every dancer's dream.  Take it from me there's no greater feeling you'll endure, than seeing your child shine on that stage and dance floor.  And when you see the lasting friendships formed you'll certainly understand, 
Just how much dancing and friendships go hand-in-hand.  Flair's become a second home and there's no other place we'd rather be,  We are so honored and proud to be part of the Flair Family! -Keri K. (FLAIRy proud dance mom)


We joined the Flair Community a little over 2 years ago. I found Flair first just from word of mouth, many of my daughters friends had started dancing at Flair and I thought this would be a great change for her, coming from another studio in town.  Maybe a month later she was invited by one of her closest friends to a birthday party at Flair.  I will never forget when the girls came out to have their cake she ran right up to me and said "Mommy I want to dance here.  I love Miss Amanda and I want to switch studios…. TODAY!” Sure enough she finished the party out and we ended our time at Flair with an immediate one on one try out for the Competition Team right on the spot. The rest is history and we are literally making history!  My daughter has been competing with Flair for going on 3 seasons already and although leaving her old studio was tough for many reasons, she was truly welcomed with open arms.  Her best friends are from Flair, she has been given AMAZING opportunities at her young age that we are so incredibly thankful for.  Everything from Platinum, First Place Competition Achievements, her first solo, Nationals, Joes vs. Pros, Hillsborough's Christmas Tree Ceremony, Memorial Day Bike Races and the incredible experience of dancing at Madison Square Garden.  I can not speak more highly about the teachers and staff at this studio as they love each kid uniquely and equally. We are a True Flair Family and will forever be grateful for that birthday party 2 1/2 years ago.  -Nicole G.

Absolutely LOVE Flair!  Owner Amanda Grace's level of expertise coupled with the warm family (everyone roots for everyone) atmosphere truly makes it one of our favorite businesses in Hillsborough.

-Natalie G.

As a dad of two girls, I could be wishing for baseball games and football, but the benefits of dance for my daughters have far surpassed what I ever thought possible.  From physical fitness to discipline in every aspect of their lives, Flair has highlighted their strengths and taught them the true meaning of teamwork.

-Tony G.

My two granddaughters go to Flair Dance Academy.  The oldest one (8 years old) has been there since Amanda opened her first studio on South Branch Road and the younger one (4 years old) not only spent her life there watching her sister, but at 2 years old began her own dancing classes.  Not only is Amanda a wonderful teacher, but she always hires the best!  My granddaughters ALWAYS look forward to going to class!  From the beginning of Flair Dance Academy, Amanda has always tried to create a family atmosphere and makes everyone-students, moms, dads, and even grandparents feel at home there!  In all the years of raising my own children and seeing my grandchildren growing up I have never seen a school or dance teacher so involved and hands on with her students!  They call her "Miss Amanda", but I think she is more like an aunt or sister to most of the students!!!  She is not only interested in their dance issues, but in everything that is important to them.  Whenever anything exciting happens in their lives outside of dance they can't wait to see her so they can share their news with her.  I'm not just talking about my own grandchildren, I see it over and over with other students as well.  I am so happy Flair is in our lives because I believe that Miss Amanda is a wonderful role model for our girls! 

-Maureen M.

2 Ilene Ct., Unit 14     Hillsborough, NJ

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We were all blown away by the level of talent we saw at the recital. I'm just super impressed at how well you run your studio. The dancers were amazing, the choreography was interesting, fun, and exciting, and everyone seemed to really enjoy being on stage. My entire family was extremely impressed, and I was also very appreciative that my daughter was well cared for by you and your staff and volunteers. She is very excited to do even more classes. Thanks for the great dance experience you have provided! 


Finishing up my daughter's first season with Flair Dance Academy... She LOVES it ! Miss Amanda and all staff have welcomed her and made her feel to be part of the Flair family. As a parent new to the competitive dance world, the other parents did the same for me. We love Flair, not just for the dance, but for instilling confidence, and a strong work ethic. Glad we found you! -Amy F.

We have been at Flair for 4 years with our two daughters. The staff at Flair is extremely knowledgeable, polite and helpful. Our daughters have not only learned great technique but learned how to be team players. It has been nothing but a positive and fun influence on the lives of our daughters. We have been to other studios and Flair is the only place that feels like a second home with people we call family. -Mark & Ela B.

Flair has changed my life, I have never felt so comfortable or have seen myself grow at a dance studio like I have here at flair.  Not only do the dancers grow but we become a part of a family. The dance teachers are so dedicated to give the students the push and motivation they need to grow. I wouldn't be close to the dancer I am today without Flair.  -Destynee

My daughter and I attended Flair's end of the year show. I can't call it a recital because it was not. We were entertained and impressed with each number.  It sold us in wanting to join and be a part of this family. Thanks Amanda for sharing your passion.

-Christina B. 

Words simply can not describe the blessings and positive influence that Amanda Grace and Flair Dance Academy have brought into our family since the day that quaint little studio in the woods opened several years ago.  Now years later, in the much larger, state of the art faciltiy that is Flair today,  the warm family atmosphere and level of attention on each student's needs and desires remains the same.  Top notch instruction coupled with fundamental values such as teamwork, perseverance, confidence, and knowing the sky is the limit when you work hard are all in a day's work for the entire Flair faculty and staff.  We are so thankful for Amanda Grace and what she has created in Flair Dance Academy, and are truly honored to be a part of the Flair community. -Natalie G.

Such a talented young teacher who owns the school.  All staff are amazing.  All the dancers are enthusiastic and happy to work hard for their dance instructors.  My daughter has learned so much so quickly.  They have many different classes on many different levels to fit all girls and boys.  There are competition classes and recreational classes (from beginner through advanced).  Family owned and that's the feeling you get when you walk through the door.  -Nancy M.